Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Autism Toys : Playhut Magic Ball Zone

Magic Ball Zone. All the fun and excitement of a real ball pit... right in your room! Included 100 3"-diameter plastic Magic Balls in bright primary colors. Features a hexagonal base, roll-up flap door, sunroof for ventilation and 2 tunnel ports to hook up to other Play Hut structures.

The Magic World Ball Zone is the perfect play environment for young children providing them with hours of interactive fun alone or with friends. Featuring a roll-up flap door for crawl through fun, mesh panels for ventilation, 50 colorful PVC balls and a ball toss game. Patented Twist N Fold technology also allows for instant set-up and quick fold-down for convenient storage. 

Playhut Magic Ball Zone Reviews

"Great toy!!"
The Playhut Magic Ball Zone is a fantastic toy. I bought this as a birthday gift for my two year old nephew and he absolutely loves it. My nephew has autism and like those who have children that they love with autism, it has been incredibly hard for us to find toys that he cares about much less enjoys playing with. My niece who is four has also enjoyed playing with it very much. We have only owned the product for a week, but so far it is appearing to be very durable and the balls that come with it are great. The only downside is that the balls that come with it are not enough to cover the floor of the Ball Zone, it took another package of 100 balls to do this.

"Appeals to kids of different ages"
Small children will love the tactile experience of crawling in the balls. Older children can use their imagination and enjoy the playhut as a tent, cave, castle or nest!

Hours of fun. Durable. Easy to fold and put away. Pit balls sold separately. This is a fantastic product and will keep children busy for hours.

"Tons of fun!!"
Logan loves his ball pit. When it got quiet this morning that is where I found him! Be sure to buy the additional 100ct balls. The only downside is having to pick up all the balls from around the house, but it is totally worth it being how much fun he is having in it.

"Huge Ball Pit"
I was so excited when we opened this up. It's huge! I can easily fit in with my four kids and have fun with them. I wasn't expecting it to be so big. Of course, like everyone says there's never enough balls, but we still have some more coming as another Christmas gift. Great Buy!