Sunday, August 9, 2009

Autism Toys : Crocodile Dentist

Poor old croc has a tooth that's bothering him; pretend to be a dentist to help him out. Press the wrong tooth and he'll surprise you. With no loose parts and exciting snapping jaws, this is one game that will thrill toddlers and primary schoolers alike. No batteries required. Which tooth is bothering the poor old croc? Press the sore tooth and he'll surprise you. 

Crocodile Dentist Reviews

"Great for playdates, but a bit fragile"
We are on our third crocodile dentist! It is a wonderful wonderful toy that my developmentally delayed preschooler and his typical friend all LOVE. But I carry it to the park in a large toy bag and the past two copies have broken...when you press a tooth it won't stay down anymore. A good way around this might be to keep it in a box of it's own. This is also a wonderful toy for parents following the RDI Steve Gutstein social therapy for children with Autism. Because this toy has an element of surprise, as you press each tooth you never know if this is the tooth that will cause the jaw to snap shut! Note: the snapping shut is fairly gentle and safe for preschoolers!

"I love this toy!"
I am a Speech Therapist and this is a toy that the children with whom I work (3,4, and 5 year olds) ask for over and over again. They just love it! I have the small travel one which is perfect since I travel all around for my job. If the child is too afraid to push the teeth down I give him/her a tongue depressor or my pencil so the crocodile bites that instead of the child.

This thing bites pretty hard!!! I love to play it as does my wife. My 4 year old daughter likes to carry it around, but is afraid to play it. She gets scared when it bites.

"kids love it"
I am a sub teacher assistant and this was a big hit with the kids. i thought i wanted the full size but this size was great and easy to play on the bus, car, playground. and best of all no batteries required

"Delightful Dentist"
So far I have purchased 5 of these cute little snappers. I have 7 grandchildren from the ages of 7 months to four years. All of them like to take a chance against this snapping dentist, (okay, the youngest just tries to grab it). I have put 2 away for gifts for my other grandmother friends. It's always a laugh and the best part is no batteries. I couldn't find this toy locally but Amazon has such prompt delivery that I was able to get them quickly. My 2 daughters work with special needs children and they have used this toy with such success during their therapy sessions that is another reason I ordered more of them.

"Ridiculously funny"
You just can't help but laugh. It is just really funny how tense people get as more teeth get pushed... After only a little while we had to institute a "You touch it, you push it" rule, because the kids would start to try to feel that tiny little bit of extra resistance when they get to the trigger tooth. About the durability, yeah, it won't last forever, and eventually the hinge starts to wear out. The top jaw might come off, but most of the time you can pop it back on. If it does break, though, you can take it apart and try to figure out how a mechanical (read, nondigital) device can randomly choose a tooth to be the next trigger. A clever little bit of engineering inside.

"Smaller than the original but fun"
I ordered this product because my daughter loved her cousins. Strangely, when I received it I was surprised that it was a MUCH smaller version than the one her cousin has! I bumped down the durability because of this. It is more of a travel version but it is still a fun game with a nice element of surprise. My daughter enjoyed this at the age of 2-3.