Saturday, August 8, 2009

Autism Toys : Choiceworks Visual Support System

Choiceworks is a learning tool that uses a combination of 3 structured boards, visual images and built in choice making opportunities to effectively help children complete daily routines (morning, day & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns, not interrupting). 

The included companion books help teach your child about their daily schedule, dealing with transitions and managing their feelings. "The ChoiceworksTM Visual Support System provides exactly the kind of communication support that enables children to follow routines, make choices and demonstrate appropriate behavior. This system is a fabulous tool to help children participate more effectively with greater independence." Linda Hodgdon, M. ED, CCC-SLP Author of Visual Strategies for Improving Communication 

"So many children are challenged on a daily basis in participating in and understanding social situations, and in regulating and expressing their emotions. The ChoiceworksTM Visual Support System is a well designed, high quality system for supporting children, their parents and professionals in daily routines and activities. It is an essential "transactional support" that is consistent with practices we have developed in the SCERTS Model." Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 

"While designed with families in mind, the ChoiceworksTM Visual Support System would also be a wonderful addition to a child's school program, since it serves to remind parents and educators alike that we shouldn't just react to difficult situations- we should respect, teach, and support the child through them. The Choiceworks Visual Support System provides an ideal way to do just that!" Jennifer Twachtman-Reilly, M.S., CCC-SLP

Choiceworks Visual Support System Reviews

"Excellent aid for children with communication and behavioral challenges"
For those with children experiencing communication and behavioral challenges (for example, autism, PDD, etc.), this product is a great, engaging way to help provide visual queues throughout the day. The customizable picture schedule reduces tantrums and anxiety by showing the child what they can expect next during the course of a day. The other two boards teach patience/waiting and choices. The workmanship is unbeatable--everything fits tight and snug with super high quality plastic parts. The dry erase boards and marker add even more flexibility. Most of all, the graphic images and colors are FUN and hopeful looking--not dry like the institutional feeling PECS cards you might get from a speech therapist or the like. I highly recommend this product.

"Outstanding visual tool for my 6 yr old son with ADHD-C"
My son's feels that he has control of his mornings and evenings by easily setting up the wonderfully designed pictures for his daily schedule of activities. Gone are the tantrums because we no longer have transition issues because he follows the visual queues that he set up. LOVE IT! Let us not forget the other boards that help kids learn patience/waiting and choices. Again, we seem to have reduced the tantrums and outbursts because he is the one in control using the boards. The product is very sturdy, colorful and everything fits together for easy travel or just for storing. Overall, excellent product!! Why did it take so long for something to be developed to help our kids with ADHD, ADHD-C, autism, PDD, etc.. Thank you BeeVisual!

"Great pre-made solution"
My customers like this product because it's pre-made and portable. BeeVisual has put much thought into it's design and implementation. Parents of children with Asperger's, PDD, and autism will appreciate NOT having to purchase, print and laminate symbols for home routines - it's already done for them in Choiceworks! It works great with ALL children to help them learn to independently complete familiar morning and evening routines.

"Excellent product & superior customer service"
We have been extremely satisfied with this product & the benefits. Not only did it exceed or expectations, but the supplier was a great resource and very responsive to our followup questions. I would highly recommend both the product and the company.