Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autism Toys : Cube World Series 2: Handy & Dusty
Cube World Series 2: Handy & Dusty

Play with one or build a world with Cube World Series. They'll play, visit and interact with one another. You can play games and pester them, tilt the cube and an interactive motion sensor will cause the stick men to fall on their side and upside down. Stack them for an interactive block party. Measures approximately 11" x 7" x 2". Requires two CR2032 batteries, included.

Cube World Series 2: Handy & Dusty Reviews

"Great for kids with autism! "

Our son who is autistic is really taken with these cubes. We were able to get him to talk about the stick figures antics which is an accomplishment for a child with autism. He'd narrate what they were doing...and answer lots of "wh" ?'s which impressed his therapists. We never know what will tickle his funny bone and have wasted money on things he doesn't even blink at. We bought these on a whim...(we had a store credit and they were on sale....) not expecting much but we were pleasantly surprised at his positive response. He would just belly laugh at their antics.(Handy and Dusty do lots of boy stuff...fart, go to the potty, fight with each other etc...) He didn't care that they often repeated what they fact I think that aspect added a positive for him. For adults..these cubes would probably get tiresome very quickly...but for kids with autism and other issues..they are a hit. I think even "typical" kids would enjoy them. I also like that this is a small compact toy that doesn't take up much space. Easy to take in the car so if he is antsy he has something to focus on. So...they may not meet other people's needs...but they have sure filled a niche with us. We will be buying lots more slowly and using them as rewards for positive behaviors. Hope this helps someone! :0)

"cube world"

intriguing little game. it is amazing how the stick figures interact. they also do unexpected things and sometimes an extra person will appear. appealing to almost anyone. even the adults were fascinated.

"A new use: great for toddlers/kids at restaurants!"

Although they were purchased for my then 8yr. old girl, last year, they are small enough to fit in any "diaper bag/keep them quiet bag". They keep my 2, 4 and 9 yr. old entertained for a while when at restaurants (ours don't have much sound, we have the small ones, Sparky and Toner). I just purchased these, to keep the fighting down and entertainment up. The little ones just love if you don't, you might give them to someone with small kids, and/or be a life saver if going to dinner with nieces/nephews, etc. The trick is to keep it in the bag, only to be played with at restaurants, appointments, etc. I gave it 3 stars for educational value for the young crowd only..cause and effect, predicting, etc. The adults at the table who have never seen these will be inquisitive, and engage the kids in conversation about them, too!