Sunday, August 9, 2009

Autism Toys : LeapFrog: Phonics Writing Desk
LeapFrog: Phonics Writing Desk

Learn to write your ABCs on an electronic lap-sized desk. Featuring six innovative games that make learning interactive and fun for your child, the Phonics Writing desk helps kids practice their writing, phonics and spelling skills, including how to spell 

This electronic writing desk teaches kids the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation, spelling, and word creation in a fun, interactive format. Kids can choose from six games: letters, a letters quiz, phonics, a phonics quiz, spelling, and "create-a-word." In the letters game, children push a letter to hear its name and see how it is formed on the LCD screen; players can also write their own letters on the "magic" writing screen. In the spelling game, children learn to spell simple words. In the phonics game, children first hear a letter and then are given a short word as an example. Along the way, the always-helpful LeapFrog "coach" offers lots of cheerful hints so children won't get stuck in any of the exercises. Additional features include an automatic shut-off, an oversize pullout handle, a variety of comical sounds for incorrect answers, and a two-position volume control.

LeapFrog: Phonics Writing Desk Reviews

"If I could give this toy Ten stars I would!"
This toy has been a true miracle for my five year old son.He has been diagnosed with autism and extreme ADHD and I was told by many professionals he'd never learn to read/write. This toy has taught him the beginnings of both. Being able to spell his name and other words has given him an interest in learning thats increasing day by day. I appreciate all the research and development the makers of this toy have utilized. I would recommend this toy for any child.

"Learning to write!"
If you want to teach your kid how to write the letters and don't know where or how to start, this toy is your answer. It not only holds their interest, it makes learning fun too. It teaches both uppercase and lower case letters. Most toys teach kids how to reconize letters but this one is step ahead and also teaches them their phonics so it's definately a must have!

"Great learning tool!"
Excellent toy! Letter sounds and voice are extremely clear. There are a variety of phonics games for a variety of learning levels. The writing strip is a plus, too, as is the digital demonstration of how to write the letters. My 4 year old loves it! It has definitely taught her to begin to read. She is already spelling 3 letter words on her own and beginning to read simple books thanks to the help of this toy. It's proven durable, as well, surviving several falls down the stairs and drops off the couch without any problems.

This is an excellent educational toy. My daughter who just turned 2 spends long hours with this and takes this with her during car rides too. She can even write some of the letters. This is a must for those little tots who needs to learn in a fun sort of way. The toy teaches how to write upper and lower case letters. In addition teaches phonics and making three letter words. Really cool toy. It even has 2 adjustable volume parents are not always annoyed with letters repeating all over and over again in the background.